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Health – Care, Not Coverage

Too often the words healthcare and health coverage are interchanged when in reality they have little to do with each other. We provide on demand healthcare and counseling, as well as medications for our members and their families and since we do so without copay, you might be surprised at what it costs to have this benefit.

Let’s discuss insurance for a moment.  Today about 84 million employees and their dependents participate in employer sponsored plans with about a third opting for high deductible plans without dollar one benefit.  21 million purchase plans through the marketplace, 65 million are enrolled in Medicare and 26 million are without insurance of any kind. In many cases, insurance is not a vehicle to affordable daily care but coverage for catastrophic events and considering today’s high deductibles and family plans costing nearly $2,000 a month a bad event can financially bury you quickly.

Insurance is very important, and we will never replace it but for many people we are the solution for affordable access to care. Using mobile physician networks and negotiated drug pricing, we have assembled a program that provides free physician access in under ten minutes when faced with common illness, regular access to a dedicated virtual physician for primary care and chronic health maintence and on demand counseling when life gets difficult. In our newest product, Complete™, we have added free medications for acute care, chronic care and mental health.

Our program costs only $59.90 per month, covers a family of nine and has no copays or limits of use.  If you have insurance or not, you still need healthcare from time to time. Look at adding Complete for your household.

Stay healthy

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Established in 2015, BasiCare Plus was designed to serve a growing number of under-insured and uninsured. Today we provide individual and bundled benefits all over the country serving small, medium and large businesses. 

BasiCare Plus products are offered in multi-employer groups, associations and staffing organizations, and now, individual families. Our products provide a very high value for a very low cost.

Our bundled services are made up of six unique products including three virtual professional services and three custom Rx programs. Custom bundling and standalone purchases are available.


BasiCare Plus, 201 East Liberty Street Suite 100, Wooster, Ohio 44691