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About Us

We have a singular focus – To provide dignified care, in the moment and on demand without a cost other than the monthly membership fee.

Assurance, not insurance

Far too often the words insurance and healthcare are interchanged when in fact they have little in common.

We see healthcare as the act of providing health and wellness, and the essence of giving assurance that a person has convenient and affordable care whenever they need it.

Furthermore, we look to provide care that fills the gap left by insurance programs that no longer provide affordable access for the day to day needs for basic health and mental wellness related events. 

Our Model

We focus on the day-to-day needs of acute care access, counseling and primary care management for families including medications for acute care, mental wellness and chronic.

Our programs include a family of nine, national networks, zero cost access and a single application for a low monthly membership fee.

Who We Serve

Our clients use BasiCare Plus to round out existing healthcare benefits or to provide basic need access for uninsured employees.

Established in 2015, BasiCare Plus was designed to serve a growing number of under-insured and uninsured. Today we provide individual and bundled benefits all over the country serving small, medium and large businesses. 

BasiCare Plus products are offered in multi-employer groups, associations and staffing organizations, and now, individual families. Our products provide a very high value for a very low cost.

Our bundled services are made up of six unique products including three virtual professional services and three custom Rx programs. Custom bundling and standalone purchases are available.


BasiCare Plus, 201 East Liberty Street Suite 100, Wooster, Ohio 44691