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Physician Service

You must activate your membership before consulting a physician

Activate Physician Account

Option 1
Setup Online
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Call Us
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Download the Recuro Care application to your smartphone

Dependent Instructions:

You may add up to eight dependents to your physician service. The dependents you submitted during enrollment are already included in the prescription program, but you will need to add them to your physician service when activating your account.

A dependent is someone in your direct care that is under the age of 26. You can add minor dependents (under age 18) on your own but when adding adults you will give their basic information only.

Once you have provided the adult dependent information, that dependent will need to complete their own activation.

Pharmacy Service

BasiCare Plus acute care program is accepted at every major pharmacy, nationwide.

$0 medications
at over 65,000 pharmacies

Add Dependents to Rx

You can have up to eight (8) dependents on your Rx benefit plan. Simply click the button below and fill out the online form (be sure to have your membership card/number handy). A representative will confirm your request within two business days.

If you do not have a member card, have your employer request that a new one be sent to you.

up to eight (8) dependents

Counseling Connect

To connect with our network, SupportLinc, use one of the two options below to start your service.  IMPORTANT – If asked for your group name it is wellnesseap. 

  1. Phone Number: 888.878.8598
  2. Website:

Have a question? We want to hear from you:

Telehealth Activation Questions:

855-249-0008. Click here to activate your Recuro service.

Pharmacy Questions (Elixir):

Using your Mental Health Program

This benefit is powered through SupportLinc. You have three options for setting up and using the service.

A) Call 888-878-8598

B) Click here to visit support

If asked for your group name it is wellnesseap.

Established in 2015, BasiCare Plus was designed to serve a growing number of under-insured and uninsured. Today we provide individual and bundled benefits all over the country serving small, medium and large businesses. 

BasiCare Plus products are offered in multi-employer groups, associations and staffing organizations, and now, individual families. Our products provide a very high value for a very low cost.

Our bundled services are made up of six unique products including three virtual professional services and three custom Rx programs. Custom bundling and standalone purchases are available.


BasiCare Plus, 201 East Liberty Street Suite 100, Wooster, Ohio 44691