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BasiCare Plus adds Chronic Essential Rx™

The latest addition to our $0 copay, on demand healthcare now includes over 650 free chronic prescriptions. Coupled with our new offer of Virtual Primary Care, we have met the challenge to serve members in both sickness and in health.

BasiCare Plus now provides the most prescribed maintenance mediations providing therapy for high blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid disease, birth control, ADHD, anxiety and more.  Opened in spring 2024, Chronic Essential Rx is a 90-day mail order service to our members their family.  The formulary which includes over 650 prescriptions represents 92% of the maintenance medications prescribed.

Stay healthy

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Established in 2015, BasiCare Plus was designed to serve a growing number of under-insured and uninsured. Today we provide individual and bundled benefits all over the country serving small, medium and large businesses. 

BasiCare Plus products are offered in multi-employer groups, associations and staffing organizations, and now, individual families. Our products provide a very high value for a very low cost.

Our bundled services are made up of six unique products including three virtual professional services and three custom Rx programs. Custom bundling and standalone purchases are available.


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