Diagnosis does no good if you can’t afford the prescription…
​...We help with both!

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Something NEW to Help Recruit and Retain while Reducing Absenteeism! 

ONLY $7.70 per employee per month (includes family) ​​

$0 copay physician consult and $0 copay medication using telemedicine and a nationwide prescription program

Includes the family and costs less than a 5¢ raise!

82% of all illnesses can be safely handled by a qualified physician using telemedicine. BasiCare Plus covers that consult and over 90% of the generic medications prescibed by telemedicine without a copay!

Simply put, for $7.70 a month an entire family can enjoy a zero cost healthcare solution for a majority of thier illnesses.

BasiCare Plus Highlights:

  • Unlimited 24/7 ZERO copay physician access on the nation's largest telehealth network (by phone or video) - family members included!
  • Provides ZERO copay for more than 90% of the generic medications prescribed by telemedicine. (See List) 
  • Provides savings on many other generic and name brand prescriptions at over 65,000 locations, nationwide

Nationwide Rx Access - Over 65,000 locations for free and reduced medications-  CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, Rite Aid, Discount Drug Mart, Albertsons, Kroger, Kmart and many more!  

Questions? Ready to get started? Call 1-800-395-6360 or complete the form below and a BasiCare Plus representative will contact you right away!

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BasiCare Plus is not insurance and telemedicine services should not replace a regular primary care physician.  Use of this service is strictly for non-emergency general illness. Members of BasiCare Plus pay a monthly fee for the service.               BasiCare Plus © 2019