Some of the most common medications we provide for free are listed below.  65,000+ locations allows us to serve students everywhere!

BasiCare Plus pays the pharmacy for all of the following medications without limitation to dose, duration or form.  We strive to provide medication for most of the known non-emergent, episodic diagnoses and are continuously working on this list.  As new generic medications enter the market and diagnostic capabilities are enhanced we commit to providing greater service.  The program is accepted in over 65,000 pharmacy locations.

Acyclovir - brand name = Zovirax
Amoxicillin- brand name = Amoxil, Trimox
Amoxicillin/Clavulanate - brand name = Augmentin
Azithromycin - brand name = Zithromax-Z-Pak
Cefuroxime axetil - brand name = Ceftin
Cephalexin  - brand name = Keflex
Cetirizine  - brand name = Zyrtec
Ciprofloxacin - brand name = Cipro
Clarithromycin - brand name =  Biaxin
Clindamycin - brand name = Cleocin
Clotrimazole - no brand name equivalent
Clotrimazole Topical - brand name = Lotrimin - AF
Dexamethasone - brand  name = Decadron
Diphenhydramine - brand name = Beneadryl
Doxycycline - brand name = Doryx, Vibramycin
Eryhromycin Sterate - brand name = Erythrocin
Erythromycin - no brand name equivalent
Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate - brand name = EES
Fluconazole - brand name = Diflucan
Gentamycin - brand name = Garamycin
Ketoconazole - brand name = Nizoral
Levofloxacin - brand name = Levaquin
Loperamide - brand name = Imodium A-D
Metronidazole - brand name = Flagyl
Minocycline - brand name = Minocin
Mupirocin - brand name = Bactroban
Nitrofurantoin - brand name = Macrobid
Prednisone - no brand name equivalent

NEW: Prenatal supplements with Folate
Sulfacetamide - brand name = BLEPH-10
Sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim - brand name = Bactrim, Septra, ZMZ/TMP
Tetracycline - no brand name equivalent
Tobramycin - brand name equivalent = Tobrex
Tobramycin/Dexamethasone = brand name equivalent = Tobradex

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